At A Glance

Education - Stanford University

MS Computer Science

BS Mathematics ('18/'19)

Professional Experience

Software Engineering Intern at Google X (Project Loon) and Apple

A Closer Look

Hello there!

I'm Sam.

Introduction and Conclusion.

treehacks, internships, putnam

skills section?


I have interned at Google X (twice) and Apple once (all three as asoftware engineering intern), and I was an EIR intern at Founders Fund.

I've also worked on Treehacks for many, many years.

putnam, skills section?

Hedron Vision

Bringing a 3D experience to 2D screens without extra hardware. More information here.


An in-progress port of the Stanford ACM libraries to Python, for use in Stanford's introductory programming courses. Github link is here.

Stanford Python

I am the primary instructor for CS41 at Stanford, an introductory course on the fundamentals of the Python programming language. You can visit the course website here. I've taught this class for four quarters - during the first quarter, I was the youngest Stanford instructor (I think) ever.

Section Leading

I also section led for the CS198 community for the whole time at Stanford, a total of XX quarters.


CAing (166, 124, 166 talk), small group leading, PyCon, Prague, apple talk, google talk?, cs124 talk, midterm review sessions, section leader intro

Quarter Course Position

Both in and out of classes, I enjoy writing a report of my musings. Here are some papers that I have written.

Category Title Publisher or Course PDF
Computer Science CS269I, CS242, CS229, 224n . .
Mathematics . Math101, Math163, Math120, Math171 .
Teaching SIC, SL stuff? . .
Musings SLP, English, pwr1/2, 166, music1a, . .
Unfinished Side Projects

Whether you are a new programmer or a experienced veteran, everyone has them. I've tried to build lots of things in the past, and for one reason or another, these were abandoned along the way.

Title Description GitHub Link Homepage
Miscellaneous Awards and Accolades

Here is a mostly-unordered collection of accomplishments over the years.

Date Award Organization
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